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We work closely with many furniture brokers in the Sacramento area, as well as larger companies, such as Staples and Office Max, providing quality delivery services. Many furniture brokers do not have their own trucks for delivering the furniture they sell, leaving the customer wondering how they will transport all of their new furniture. When you need a way to get your furnishings to your home or business, we are the answer! No order is too big or small.

Are you a broker or manufacturer? Give us a call the next time you need to provide a customer with a way to get their furniture where it needs to go. Let us show you the difference in our services compared to other companies, and show you that we will take care of your customers, so that they have one more reason to come back to you the next time they’re shopping for new furniture. We accommodate short-notice requests, and are committed to making efficient, on-time deliveries.


Motto: Service is what we offer.

"We value hard work, honesty, and teamwork."

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